About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Megan.  I'm 24 years old and I live in the great state of Delaware with my fiance Matt and our two cats.  I love doing anything outdoors (hiking, biking, swimming, running).  And I have also learned to love cooking. When I was in high school I swam and played tennis year round.  I never really cared about what I ate because at the time I didnt have to.  I can remember my sister saying to me, "you know you shouldn't be eatting that many carbs" and "you should only eat when you are hungry."  Yea....ok.  Once I graduated high school and discovered drinking, my body was not happy.  I was not working out at all and I was still consuming the same junk that I did before.  I used to have a bowl of ice cream every night after dinner. Can you believe that? Every night.  I hit my highest weight right before I left for college in 2005.
Don't get me wrong I was never crazy overwieight, I just was not happy and was very uncomfortable in my own skin.  At this point I had never worn a bikini in my life and I loved wearing big baggy clothes to try and cover myself up.  College helped me gain some more confidence, especially when I met Matt in the middle of my freshmen year.  I remember walking past the gym and being too nervous to go in because I didn't think I would know how to use any of the equipment....I told you I had confidance issues. 

Sophomore year rolls around and I finally get my butt to the gym.  And guess what? I loved it.  The rest of college I worked out pretty consistantly, but still really didn't have the hang of cooking well and still drank way too much.
When I graduated college in 2009 I finally took control! One day I just had this idea....everything in moderation. 

I had tried dieting so many times and it never lasted.  It took me a few months to figure out what worked for me and to learn how to balance my meals during the day.  I learned to make small changes that helped me a lot.  I would have a side salad instead of fries, fish instead of steak, a peice of dark chocolate instead of cake, greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt, natural peanut butter instead of processed peanut butter, wheat instead of white, snacking on fruit and nuts instead of cookies and candy.  All of these small changes made me feel so much better at the end of the day.  I also started working out a lot more. I started running on a more consistant basis and did a lot of research into weight lifting. 
When I first started running I could barely run for 10 minutes.  Now I am proud to say that I can run for over an hour and am running in my first 10k November 19th! I'm hoping to do a half marathon sometime next year.  I'm not the fastest runner in the world, but I do love it. 
Right now my life is all about trying to stay balanced.  I try not to restrict myself too much and become too obsessed with what I'm eatting and how much I'm working out.  I try to make healthy decisions and stay active because my body feels great when I do.  I have more energy during the day and I don't get sick as much...who would've thunk it! 

Hiking at the Grand Canyon in 2010
At the beach with my best friends in 2011 (that's me in the middle)

I started this blog just to have somewhere to track my runs and my recipes.  I love reading health and fitness blogs so much, and Matt finally convinced me I should give it a go.  Along the way I'll also share some of my crazy life with you, including attempting to plan our wedding for this coming May!


  1. I just found your blog and I love it! I'm in DE too!! check me out..


  2. We have similar stories...I also drank a wee bit too much in college, but I gained weight for other reasons too. Eventually I started making some changes and found running about a year ago. I stopped over from WIAW and I'm glad I did!

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