Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spontaneous 5k and Carpal Tunnel

Hey everyone! Matt and I started off our weekend with a great dinner at a local korean place with friends last night. I wanted to try something new so I ordered the a type of Jigae or hot stew. It had seafood, tofu and veggies in it and was served piping hot with a side of rice.
This soup was actually boiling when they gave it to me, and being the impatient person that I am I attempted to eat it a few seconds post picture. I managed to burn my tongue pretty good.
You also get a bunch of sides to share with the table for free. LOVE.  There was this thing I really liked that I had no idea what it was. We asked the woman and apparently it's their version of a "seafood hotdog"....should have never asked haha.

So last night when I got home from work Matt goes, so I'm thinking about running a 5k tomorrow. I looked at him like he was crazy because we just ran one and the weather was not supposed to be so nice.  Well wouldn't you know I woke up this morning and told Matt I was in.  It was in the 40s, windy and overcast when we left for the race. I went into the race just wanting to take it easy. I was not looking for a sub 26 again.
Waiting inside for the race to start.

It was a small race, only about 100 people which I liked.  I started out at an easy pace finishing my first mile in about 8:45.  I passed the second mile mark at 17:15 and finished my 5k in 26.20.  It's crazy for me to think back just six months ago when a time in the 26's was really challenging for me to get, and now I felt like I was cruising finishing in this time!!  Matt once again kicked my ass and finished in 20.39!!

And then we found out...
We both placed! I got third in my age group and Matt got first!

The rest of my day has been spent doing one of the most mundane activities ever...

addressing wedding invitations. YUCK.  I'm sipping on some coffee right now b/c this activity is literally putting me to sleep. I've finished a little over half and I think I'll save the rest for tomorrow, just as long as I get them out by Monday!
Shoot I look tired. Hope I pep up by tonight! Matt and I are headed out to watch the final 4 with some new friends!!
Champ is not too happy about this (don't worry he's not being mean, he just has an underbite so his bottom teeth get stuck on his upper lip a lot haha)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Joke...Every Part Of My Body Hurts

This morning I woke up and was almost surprised that I wasn't too too sore from my workout....yet.  My sides were hurting a little and my shoulders, but I could handle that.  I decided to bump on my breakfast with some extra proteing just in case. I made my oatmeal as I usually do (1/3 cup oats in 2/3 cup almond milk plus half a container of cinnamon) but this time added half a scoop of vanilla designer whey protein powder:
17.5g of protein for a full scoop/ <1g sugar/ 90 calories

Oatmeal topped with cut up apple and scoop of peanut butter.  I think next time I'll mix in the protein powder after I cook the oatmeal in the microwave b/c it kind of clumped up when it was cooked.  It still tasted fine though.

As the day went on my arms and sides started to hurt more and my calves also started hurting. Matt and I planned on going to run with our local running club tonight and I still wanted to go, I just didn't know how successfull I would be at running.  We met our group around 6pm at a local park with a 1.75mile loop.  I did 3 laps (5.25 miles) in 48.57 at a 9.19 pace.  It was a tough run. It was windy out and most of the time I felt like I was running in cement. But I finished and that was all I was hoping for. So now along with my other muscle soreness you an add my butt to the list haha.
feeling dead on our way home.

Matt and I grabbed dinner form wawa and I just had one thing on my mind protein to stop the pain!
turkey, spinach, cucumber, tomato on rye which I then slathered in hummus witha string cheese on teh side. I ate half the sandwich because I filled up fast on this:
I decided to try chocolate milk for a recovery drink. I've read in more than one place about the benefits of chocolate milk after running, and I love chocolate! I also added another half scoop of protein powder. I finished off my meal with a peice of dark chocolate as always. And now I'm fighting to keep my eyes open for the next couple of hours...we'll see how far I get. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long Post: WIAW!!

Happy hump day and What I Ate Wednesday! 
My presentation last night when really well!!  All I wanted to do last night was read my book (Catching Fire) and relax. But I'm back to blogging today.

the usual. pumpkin pie overnight oats. 1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1/3 cup nonfat plain chobani, 1/3 cup pumpkin, pumkin pie spice, cinnamon, alond milk.  Peanut butter, craisins and granolla on top
Apple and half a kashi granolla bar. Yes I am that annoying person who eats halves of everything!
I took a walk to the grocery store near where I work to get salad from the salad bar. I got a half hour walk in when all was said and done!
mixed greens and veggie salad with some tuna salad on the side along with fruit and cottage cheese.
Before I left work I munched on some quaker oatmeal squares to power me through my workout when I got home. 
My at home workout today was awesome thanks to Blogilates!  She has a lot of printable workouts on her website that I love. Today I did two rounds of three of her exercise printouts:
First was a weights circuit:
Next was the cardio circuit:
And last the pilates corset workout:

Going through these all twice took me about 45 minutes and I was sweating bullets by the end!! I have a feeling I'm going to be sore tomorrow.  Not the best planning I guess since Matt and I are going to run with our running club tomorrow.
After my workout Matt showed me a new arms move he saw in a magazine:
This is definitely a keeper.

Then it was finally time for dinner!
Taco night! Turkey tacos with cheese, lettuce and garbanzo beans on a whole wheat tortilla. I also snacked on some cataloupe.  Right now I'm having my late night snack of strawberries and pineapple with a scoop of greek yogurt on top along with a peice of dove dark chocolate :)

Sorry for the crazy long post. I guess this is what happens when I skip a  day lol

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pittsburgh Trip And An Almost Lost Dog

Matt and I had such a great time in Pittsburgh this weekend meeting baby Abri! Here are some pictures I took along our trip.
baby Abri

Mia and Brian

Giona getting ready to ride his bike

Looking over Pittsburgh!

It was back to work today for me....I was not a happy camper.  Afer work I headed to the gym for a good workout.  I have a presentation after work tomorrow so won't be able to get a workout in so I wanted to make today extra tough. I started out with a weights workout that was a lot like this one.  Then I moved on to the treadmill. I did 20 minutes alternating 2 minutes slower run and 1 minute sprinting. Then I finished up with 15 minutes on the eliptical.
That vein popping out of my head means it was a good workout haha

When I got home I was walking in the door and little Champ slipped outside and took off.  I ran around the neighborhood after him, but he was way faster than me. I ran back to the house, hopped in Matt's car and drove around looking for him with no luck. Needless to say I was freaking out.  We decided to make a quick dinner and then go back out looking for him.  Just as we sat down for dinner the doorbell rang and there was Champ!! Someone had found him on the road and he came over to invstigate their dog. So all I need to get Champ to stop running away from me is...another dog lol. 

For dinner I cooked up some asparagus, brussel sprouts and sweet potato to go with our breaded tilapia fillets. I mixed equal parts of panko bread crums and crushed ground walnuts for the breading. First I dipped the fillets in egg whites and then put them in the breading. I cooked them for 4 minutes per side.  I love a nice quick dinner.

Time to go obsessively practice reading over my poster!! haha.  Can't wait for the end of the week so I can finally see the Hunger Games.

ps. today is 2 months until the big day :)