Thursday, May 31, 2012

Holy Heat

Hey everyone! This will most likely be my last post before the honeymoon. I will not be blogging on while we are in St. Lucia, that is for sure. But I will be taking a lot of pictures and hope to share them with you when I get back! Today was another busy day at work.  The temps finally went down a little bit, so I thought I would try and run after work.  Well it turns out it was still crazy hot out and my body was not happy. I suffered through 5 miles, stopping a couple times at buildings on campus to get water.
Average pace: 9.18

And then I took this hot picture:
Sexy. This is what happens when you try to take a picture of yourself and then see the head of the company driving by and staring at you...oops. I'm pretty sure we'll have some type of awkward encounter tomorrow morning in the break room...can't wait.

When I got home today, I was pleasantly surprised by all the things Matt had accomplished while I was gone! Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised, he's way more motivated with house stuff than I am.  He hung a picture that my best friend gave me at my rehearsal dinner and the framed invitation to my bridal shower.  What a nice surprise.  We've also been working on unpacking things little by little. Today we were working on more dished when Matt unpacked these:
They look really small here, but they are bowls with little handles that match our plates.  I actually registered for them and forgot to tell Matt. I thought they were really cute. He just started laughing when he saw them and asked what they were.  He knows I have a strange obsession with mugs, but they are way too big to be mugs.  I explained to him that we could use them as bowls.  So since we were having leftovers for dinner, he decided to humor me:
Now the bowl looks huge! haha I swear they are normal sized bowls. Matt had his spaghetti and meatballs in my mug/bowl. 

I had a giant salad with two chicken fingers from Monday night, carrots, srting beans, craisins, gorganzolla cheese all over a bed of spinach.

Later I snacked on some frozen fruit mixed wtih a spoonfull of yogurt and almond butter. bangin!
The rest of my night was spent doing laundry, doing my at home bikini wax (tmi??), and starting to pack! 

Talk to you all in about a week and a half!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nothing in the fridge WAIW

Since Matt and I are leaving in a 3 days for St. Lucia, we don't have too much in the fridge so my What I Ate Wednesday Post isn't too crazy this week. 
Breakfast: Just guess, I bet you can
My lover overnight oats!

Mid morning I needed a pick me up, so I grabbed a starbucks iced decaf with skim and a FREE fruit strip from my gym.  This week they were giving out these along with red bulls free, but red bulls freak me out so I left them for the other gym rats. 

Tuna salad made with carrots, beans, celery and greek yogurt.

Turkey sausage cooked on the grill with peppers and onions and a salad on the side.

Unpictured eats: Before I left work I ate some whole grain pretzels and trail mix to fuel me for an at home workout. I followed this weight lifting plan that I found on pinterest:
I loved this workout and will definitely be feeling it tomorrow.  After I went through this I went over to Blogilates to look for a good abs workout and came across this.
Nice and quick just how I like my abs workouts.  All together this took me just under an hour and then I really tried to stretch out hoping I won't be too sore to run tomorrow.

After dinner I had some dark chocolate and microwaved a banana with some apple butter and peanut butter mixed in. I'm so obsessed with peanut butter that I actually purchased individually sized peanut butter packets to take with me on our honeymoon, along with some KIND bars.

hmmm what else can I not live without?? Chocolate.  I think I'll wait until we get to st. lucia to buy that!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back To Reality...But Only For 4 Days

Today I was back to work trying desperately to stop looking at wedding pictures and actually pay attention to what I needed to get done.  It was difficult to say the least. Not only do I still have wedding on my mind, but now I have honeymoon on the mind which is steadily approaching! Good thing I was super busy at work, or I might have actually fallen asleep.  The HVAC system was broken once again and it was 82 degrees in our office by the end of the day.  That didn't even compare to the 97 that it reached outside.  I so desperately wanted to run outside, but decided that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to have a heat stroke today.  So I headed to the good old gym.

I started off with some weights machines concentrating on my arms and abs since my ars is killing me from mine and Matt's workout yesterday (we did a 45 minute weights workout in our basement yesterday morning since our gym was closed and once again it was a million degrees out).  After that I got on the treadmill to run 3 miles in 28 minutes:
5 minute warm up
2 minutes at 6.0
2 minutes at 6.2
2 minutes at 6.4
2 minutes at 6.6
2 minuts at 6.8
repeat until you reach 3 miles.

Then it was time for dinner...on our new plates!!

I made these almond crusted chicken fingers, but this time I used walnuts instead.  Salad on the side and bbq sauce for dipping.

In love with our new "casual" china.  We are not fancy enough for regular china.  I would probably just end up breaking most of it anyways.

Now we are just working on unpacking some of the amazing gifts that we received for the shower and wedding now that it's not bad luck to use this stuff.
Sign from my brother and his girlfriend.

There's a big storm heading our way. Fingers crossed that the power doesn't go out tonight. It's way too hot for that. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Married!!!

Hi everyone! I'm back, and I'm married.  Our wedding was the most fun I've every had.  Everything went perfectly! Now get ready to be bombarded with pictures from all my wonderful friends (the professional pictures won't be around for about another month).

Friday was our rehearsal, and total setup of the wedding decor. It was one crazy day, but everyone loved all the personal touches that we had.

The next morning, I was acutally pretty relaxed. We went and got our hair and makeup done and then headed to the venue early for some last minute setup. 
Then the pictures started. I hung out in the room upstairs while Matt took some pictures with the bridesmaids.
Waiting impatiently to put on my dress!!

Then it was my turn!!

Then it was time for the ceremony aka Megan starts freaking out. I started crying even before I went down the aisle.  Thanks to my bridesmaids and my neice and nephew for making me laugh!!

The room was exactly how I pictued it. Rustic and Romantic!

Husband and Wife!!

Then it was time to party!!!


Matt and I had so much fun, but it went by way too fast, just like everyone always says.  The hit of the party was definitely the photbooth!
Me and my 2 best friends from high school. I can't wait to see the professional pictures!

Back to work tomorrow for 4 days, and then 7 days in St. Lucia :)