Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back To Reality...But Only For 4 Days

Today I was back to work trying desperately to stop looking at wedding pictures and actually pay attention to what I needed to get done.  It was difficult to say the least. Not only do I still have wedding on my mind, but now I have honeymoon on the mind which is steadily approaching! Good thing I was super busy at work, or I might have actually fallen asleep.  The HVAC system was broken once again and it was 82 degrees in our office by the end of the day.  That didn't even compare to the 97 that it reached outside.  I so desperately wanted to run outside, but decided that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to have a heat stroke today.  So I headed to the good old gym.

I started off with some weights machines concentrating on my arms and abs since my ars is killing me from mine and Matt's workout yesterday (we did a 45 minute weights workout in our basement yesterday morning since our gym was closed and once again it was a million degrees out).  After that I got on the treadmill to run 3 miles in 28 minutes:
5 minute warm up
2 minutes at 6.0
2 minutes at 6.2
2 minutes at 6.4
2 minutes at 6.6
2 minuts at 6.8
repeat until you reach 3 miles.

Then it was time for dinner...on our new plates!!

I made these almond crusted chicken fingers, but this time I used walnuts instead.  Salad on the side and bbq sauce for dipping.

In love with our new "casual" china.  We are not fancy enough for regular china.  I would probably just end up breaking most of it anyways.

Now we are just working on unpacking some of the amazing gifts that we received for the shower and wedding now that it's not bad luck to use this stuff.
Sign from my brother and his girlfriend.

There's a big storm heading our way. Fingers crossed that the power doesn't go out tonight. It's way too hot for that. 

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