Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nothing in the fridge WAIW

Since Matt and I are leaving in a 3 days for St. Lucia, we don't have too much in the fridge so my What I Ate Wednesday Post isn't too crazy this week. 
Breakfast: Just guess, I bet you can
My lover overnight oats!

Mid morning I needed a pick me up, so I grabbed a starbucks iced decaf with skim and a FREE fruit strip from my gym.  This week they were giving out these along with red bulls free, but red bulls freak me out so I left them for the other gym rats. 

Tuna salad made with carrots, beans, celery and greek yogurt.

Turkey sausage cooked on the grill with peppers and onions and a salad on the side.

Unpictured eats: Before I left work I ate some whole grain pretzels and trail mix to fuel me for an at home workout. I followed this weight lifting plan that I found on pinterest:
I loved this workout and will definitely be feeling it tomorrow.  After I went through this I went over to Blogilates to look for a good abs workout and came across this.
Nice and quick just how I like my abs workouts.  All together this took me just under an hour and then I really tried to stretch out hoping I won't be too sore to run tomorrow.

After dinner I had some dark chocolate and microwaved a banana with some apple butter and peanut butter mixed in. I'm so obsessed with peanut butter that I actually purchased individually sized peanut butter packets to take with me on our honeymoon, along with some KIND bars.

hmmm what else can I not live without?? Chocolate.  I think I'll wait until we get to st. lucia to buy that!


  1. Good call on leaving the red bull for the other gym members. It's just not right!

  2. Those Justin PB packs are so good and so great to travel with! I also love KIND bars. Every flavor is delicious

    1. I haven't actually tried the Justin PB yet, but I'm sure I'll love it!

  3. Looks like an awesomely sweaty workout! I'm writing it down and sticking it in my gym bag....can't wait to give it a try!