Monday, March 26, 2012

Pittsburgh Trip And An Almost Lost Dog

Matt and I had such a great time in Pittsburgh this weekend meeting baby Abri! Here are some pictures I took along our trip.
baby Abri

Mia and Brian

Giona getting ready to ride his bike

Looking over Pittsburgh!

It was back to work today for me....I was not a happy camper.  Afer work I headed to the gym for a good workout.  I have a presentation after work tomorrow so won't be able to get a workout in so I wanted to make today extra tough. I started out with a weights workout that was a lot like this one.  Then I moved on to the treadmill. I did 20 minutes alternating 2 minutes slower run and 1 minute sprinting. Then I finished up with 15 minutes on the eliptical.
That vein popping out of my head means it was a good workout haha

When I got home I was walking in the door and little Champ slipped outside and took off.  I ran around the neighborhood after him, but he was way faster than me. I ran back to the house, hopped in Matt's car and drove around looking for him with no luck. Needless to say I was freaking out.  We decided to make a quick dinner and then go back out looking for him.  Just as we sat down for dinner the doorbell rang and there was Champ!! Someone had found him on the road and he came over to invstigate their dog. So all I need to get Champ to stop running away from me is...another dog lol. 

For dinner I cooked up some asparagus, brussel sprouts and sweet potato to go with our breaded tilapia fillets. I mixed equal parts of panko bread crums and crushed ground walnuts for the breading. First I dipped the fillets in egg whites and then put them in the breading. I cooked them for 4 minutes per side.  I love a nice quick dinner.

Time to go obsessively practice reading over my poster!! haha.  Can't wait for the end of the week so I can finally see the Hunger Games.

ps. today is 2 months until the big day :)

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