Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Joke...Every Part Of My Body Hurts

This morning I woke up and was almost surprised that I wasn't too too sore from my workout....yet.  My sides were hurting a little and my shoulders, but I could handle that.  I decided to bump on my breakfast with some extra proteing just in case. I made my oatmeal as I usually do (1/3 cup oats in 2/3 cup almond milk plus half a container of cinnamon) but this time added half a scoop of vanilla designer whey protein powder:
17.5g of protein for a full scoop/ <1g sugar/ 90 calories

Oatmeal topped with cut up apple and scoop of peanut butter.  I think next time I'll mix in the protein powder after I cook the oatmeal in the microwave b/c it kind of clumped up when it was cooked.  It still tasted fine though.

As the day went on my arms and sides started to hurt more and my calves also started hurting. Matt and I planned on going to run with our local running club tonight and I still wanted to go, I just didn't know how successfull I would be at running.  We met our group around 6pm at a local park with a 1.75mile loop.  I did 3 laps (5.25 miles) in 48.57 at a 9.19 pace.  It was a tough run. It was windy out and most of the time I felt like I was running in cement. But I finished and that was all I was hoping for. So now along with my other muscle soreness you an add my butt to the list haha.
feeling dead on our way home.

Matt and I grabbed dinner form wawa and I just had one thing on my mind protein to stop the pain!
turkey, spinach, cucumber, tomato on rye which I then slathered in hummus witha string cheese on teh side. I ate half the sandwich because I filled up fast on this:
I decided to try chocolate milk for a recovery drink. I've read in more than one place about the benefits of chocolate milk after running, and I love chocolate! I also added another half scoop of protein powder. I finished off my meal with a peice of dark chocolate as always. And now I'm fighting to keep my eyes open for the next couple of hours...we'll see how far I get. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!

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