Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Weekend In Workouts

This was such a great weekend, I'm sad to see it come to and end.

This is how the weekend started:
Drinks at the Chesapeake Inn.

And this is how it ended:
My first instagram! haha.  Watching the olympics with the boys.

And there was a lot of fitness going on in between.  Saturday morning my plan was to wake up at 6am, eat a small breakfast and head to the park for my long run of 8 miles. In some sort of miracle I woke up 8 minutes before my alarm was about to go off and snuck out of the bedroom without waking up my super light sleeper of a husband. I should have known this would be a good day right from the start. I ate a peice of whole wheat toast with almond butter and craisins on top and headed out the door. I also ate one of these on my ride to the park:
LOVE these. They saved my life on my run.  I also brought with me one bottle filled with water, and one frozen bottle filled with half water and half coconut water.

I started my run and felt really good after the first lap (2.6 miles). I stopped and grabbed some water and started on my second lap.  After number 2 was done I still felt really good. I grabbed another Gu Chomp and started my third lap.  My legs were getting stiff, but nothing compared to last weekend. I had 8 miles on my schedule, but thought to myself, I can do this. I can do 9! So...I went for it!  I ran 9 miles!!!! This is the first run where I have felt totally comfortable and confidant that I can  actually finish this race in Septmeber!
10.04 pace!!

Part of the reason I felt so great I chalk up to the sun not coming out until an hour after I finished.  How did I  luck out with that?
I went out and got a foam roller on Thursday night. I rolled out my IT band on Thursday and Friday and man did it hurt! I had huge knots in both of my legs and managed to get them out.  This helped me big time on my run.  I also foam rolled after my run on Saturday and felt 10x better after doing this.
Sweaty hot mess. When I got home, I looked down at my shorts and it looked like I had peed my pants I was sweating so much. 

My legs didn't feel half bad the rest of the day and on Sunday morning I woke up feeling great. I found this great Medacine Ball workout on Blonde Ponytail. 
I did this workout at home and used Matt's 12lb medacine ball. It may have been a bit too heavy for me, but I finished!  I had to take a couple breaks though during the pushups, thrusters and plank holds.  I think an 8 or 10lb ball would have been perfect for me.  I can already feel my legs starting to get sore. OUCH. Hurst so good though. 

I'm so happy I had a good weekend of workouts and am excited that I am almost into the double digits for running. Either this coming weekend or next weekend I'll hope to hit 10 miles!!

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