Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIAW Amazing Microwave Chocolate Cake

Happy hump day WIAW! Thank goodness there are only 2 days left until the weekend! I was actually pretty good at keeping track of my eats today...until the end of the day that is when I was starving and devoured my whole dinner before taking pictures.
For breakfast lately I've been alternating between Oatmeal Minus The Oats and my favorite Overnight Oats.  This morning I went with my cinnamon overnight oats.
Mid morning I scarfed a mini KIND bar to hold me over until lunch. For lunches lately I've been obsessed with salads, all kind of salads. This on was filled with spinach, edamame, carrots, broccoli, snap peas, black beans, craisins, blue cheese and a some fried egg whites on top. I had no hard boiled eggs so I went with the next big thing.
Right before volleyball I ate a chopped up apple with cottage cheese and almond butter.
I thought this would hold me over for a while, but I was hungry again in a couple of hours. We had a double header at volleyball and thank God one of our friends made popsicles to bring.  I was starting to get HANGRY.  That is never pretty.
When I got home from volleyball I scarfed dinner without a second thought. It was just a boring half turkey sandwich with pepper jack cheese, avocado, onions, spinach and tomatoes.  I also had a bunch of grapes.  Instead I will intertain you with our dinner from last night,  Hawaiian Turkey Burgers.
Pretty much a regular turkey burger with provalone cheese and a grilled pineapple ring on top. I had sauteed kale and black beans on the side.
Dessert was AMAZING. I'm not sure what website I found this on, but I jotted down the recipe to try.  It is a single serving microwave brownie.
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 tbsp liquid egg whites
3 tbsp unsweetened almond milk
2 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
1/8 tsp baking powder
1 tsp maple syrup or honey
Mix all ingredients well. Microwave on high for 3.5 minutes. SO GOOD!!
I split mine in half. I had the other half last night.  A drizzle of peanut butter makes everything better.  The recipe, without the peanut butter is right around 100 calories.  It's super rich, so if you aren't a fan of dark chocolate you might want to add some more sweetener.
My legs are finally feeling better today!! I ran 5 miles yesterday and was dead when I finished. I got home and stretched and foam rolled which I think helped a lot. I have 3 miles to run tomorrow along with an upper body and abs workout.  Have a good rest of the week everyone!

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