Monday, July 30, 2012

Long Time No See

Let's see...where did I leave off??  I actually completed the entire week of my fourth week of training for my half marathong. Last week I had 3, 3, 4, and 8 miles to do.  I was pretty scared to run the 8, but I thought I was ready for the run.  I woke up eraly on Saturday, we are talking like 6:15.  I got to the park by 7 and thought this would help me beat the heat of the impending 90 degree day. Well I guess I was wrong. I felt pretty good the first 5 miles and then I started to crash and burn. I was sweating like wooo and having trouble handling the humidity.  You can really tell from my splits:
Mile 1: 10.27 (warm up)
Mile 2: 9.59
Mile 3: 9.52
Mile 4: 9.1
Mile 5: 9.55
Mile 6: 10.17
Mile 7: 10.11
Mile 8: 10.27 (about to have a nervous breakdown haha)

I have 8 as my long run this week again and am hoping that it goes better than last week.  I took some really awesome pictures of myself after my run, but then Matt and I  went and got new IPHONES!!!! Welcome to 2012

When I got home from my run there was a lot of icing:

A lot of rolling:

My hips were really sore all day and I had issues sitting for long periods of time without getting up to stretch.  My favorite part about the long run was refueling afterwards. Matt and I went to Moe's Southwest Grill to grab a quick dinner before we babysat for our friends.  My meal hit the spot. A giant tofu borrito bowl!!!

Sunday I woke up feeling surprisingly good. My hips still hurt a bit, but nothing compared to Saturday.  I did a short strength workout focusing on abs and arms before I ate lunch.  I worked out in my new top from Old Navy.
I love these workout tops! I got two of them on Saturday and am obsessed. So comfy. 

Wow that was a bit of a tangent.  Well....anyways, the rest of the weekend was spent watching the olympics and hanging with friends, and this little man.
He got a flower stuck in his mouth when he was outside and it was cracking me up! Such a cute little man. 

This morning I decided to wake up extra early to get my run out of the way. I got up at 5am to run my quick 3 miles.

It was nice to be able to pick up the pace a bit:
Mile 1: 9.30
Mile 2: 9.27
Mile 3: 9.17

I was so glad that I ran this morning so that I could come home and get some things done around the house.  I did some cleaning, cooking and took champ for a walk.  Just what I needed!

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