Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend In Pictures

I've had such a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend. It started out with roasting some marshmellows and having a couple of drinks by the bonfire.
Champ had a good time too
Saturday I woke up for my long run.  12 miles in 2.00.28! Right on track for a 2.10 finish...hopefully.  The only bummer of my run....some rude person decided to take my frozen water and GU chomps from beside my car.  I realized this after mile 10 and was furious because I was so thirsty. I finished my run, begged some random couple for some of their water lol, and sped home to get my recovery smoothie
Thoughts of this smoothie usually get me through the last bits of my long run. "finish and get your smoothie" haha. 
After I washed up I had some baking to do for our friends Joe and Cara. They just had a baby and we were going to meet her later that day. I couldn't go empty handed so I made her some oatmeal muffins
Before they were baked. The top row has blueberries, raspberries in the middle and craisins and walnuts on the bottom.
Grabbed a quick lunch before we headed out:
Egg white scramble with ham, spinach, zucchini and green peppers. YUM
Later I munched on my birthday gift from my sister to hold me over until dinner:
Pretty much the best gift ever. Custom made granolla bars from! Check it out!
On Sunday I woke up to sore legs. I did a quick 40 minute arm and ab workout before we headed out to Chadds Ford Winery with Matt's sister and husband.
haha seductively sipping his wine idea ever!!
Unfortunately the weather was CRAP. It started pouring on us and they didn't have any indoor seating. We headed home, but not before stopping somewhere very exciting!!!!
I popped my whole foods cherry haha.
Grind your own nut butter station. I had never been in a whole foods before Sunday, and really wish it wasn't so far away from my house. I just walked up and down every aisle oogling all the food goodies. I didn't buy much, just some trail mix, but I loved seeing what everyone was talking about.
For dinner I made Matt and "man meal."  I cooked pork ribs for the first time ever. I cooked them in th crockpot with some bbq sauce and onions.
Ribs, potato salad made with greek yogurt and salad. The ribs were pretty good.  Matt loved them so I think I earned some major wife probs.  This is a thank you for him always trying all my weird food that I make him eat.
We had a nice relaxing night after dinner, just hanging out and watching a movie. 
This morning I woke up to more rain! Our gym was closed today for the holiday, so I called my rents and asked them if I could use their treadmill after I ate breakfast.
For breakfast I made one of Tina's two ingredient pancakes for breakfast. All it is is one banana and one egg! So simple. I also added some blueberries and cinnamon to mine.
I topped mine with peanut butter and pumpkin butter.
Then I was off to my parent's house to run 5 miles. I finished in 49.30 and my legs were not very happy. They are still a little sore from Saturday so the run was difficult.  Matt and I are currently putting a bunch of our wedding pictures in frames and hanging them around the house!! Then we are off to a rainy day bbq.

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