Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'm so happy it's already Wednesday. Gotta love short weeks! And gotta love What I Ate Wednesday! I know it's all your favorite day of the week lol. 
I started out my morning with one of my new favorite breakfasts. The 2 ingredient pancake!
1 egg and 1 banana. That's it. Then feel free to play with other ingredients. I added blueberries to mine before cooking, and then almond butter and pumpkin butter to the top. My friend Chelsea got me the pumpkin butter for my birthday and it's like crack. It's sooooo good.
I had a handful of trail mix a while later to get me through to lunch.
Morningstar veggie patty on a deli flat with provolone cheese and spinach. Apple on the side. I'm running a 5k race today after work so I wanted something with carbs for a bit more energy! 
When I got home from work I ate an apple cinnamon greek yogurt.
I'm getting ready to go into Wilmington for the 5k tonight at 6:30.  When I get home I will most like be chowing on some boring salad, so I will entertain you all with a much more exciting meal, last night's Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers.  Another pinterest recipe of course.
The recipe was so simple. Saute onions and mushrooms, add roast beef, stuff peppers, cover in cheese and bake.
Cheese on the bottom
Stuff and top with cheese.
Ummm hello. These were delicious.  Matt loved them too! Success!  I love when I find recipes that we both like. 
Ok time to go change and stretch.  Fingers crossed we don't get rained on!


  1. Happy WIAW! Your cheesesteak stuffed peppers looks great. :-)

  2. I hope your race went well! Those peppers look fantastic, will def. have to try!