Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Falling In To Place

This week has been a rarity in my life...everything has been falling in to place in my life! Usally I'm a walking hot mess but this week things are just going RIGHT.  I submitted my application to UD fot the graudate certificate in biotechnology program and the next day I found this letter in my inbox:

I am pleased to inform you that our admissions committee has voted to admit you into the Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology at the University of Delaware for fall 2012. This innovative 15 credit graduate certificate combines a solid basis of biology coursework with advanced breadth instruction in biotechnology disciplines.  See for a full description of the program.  You will receive an official offer of admission from the UD Graduate School in the near future.

YAY!!!  I had no idea that I would know so fast.  I am very excited now, but I'm sure once I actually start taking classes and working full time I will be thinking "am I crazy?" 

I also had my first wedding dress fitting last night.  It was so great seeing the dress in my size and not 5 sizes too big.  It fit like a glove...literally. The dress was made specifically to my measurments so it was pretty form fitting.  It took two people to get the thing zipped up!  It's a little tight in my rib cage right now so I'm going to try to go a little lighter on my back workouts. No more pull ups for me. 

I'm also loving these new insoles.  The pain in my foot is almost completely gone. I ran 4 miles at the gym today and felt great. I've still been keeping my pace slower than usual just in case.  Even though it was a great run, I'm so sick of running on a treadmill. I miss the warm weather.
Look at that awesome weather. Some rain here, some snow there. YUCK
Me pissed because people don't know how to drive in the rain.

It was taco night in our house aka I couldn't thing of anything interesting to make.
turkey tacos with cheese, spinach and broccoli slaw on a whole wheat tortilla. brussel sprouts on the side. 

Well I'm off to watch the voice. Does anyone else out there watch it?? I like it a lot more than Idol. I love waiting to see if Carson Daily's face will ever show emotion and when one of XTina's boobs will fall out of the high shelf she pooshes them into (barf).
too much botox...cannot move forehead

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