Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breakfast For Dinner!!

Today was a busy day at work.  By the time I got home I had a huge knot in my back that I begged Matt to attempt to get out for me (he gladly said yes!).  He asked me if I wanted to go for a run, but I just wasn't feeling it today. I just needed to stretch out and relax.  I decided to do a 30 minute pilates dvd followed by 15 minutes of leg strength work.  If I'm ever in a time crunch at the gym I usually skip over ab work.  I would rather get in my arms, legs and cardio.  So I'm glad I have my pilates dvd so that I can concentrate more on my core. 

After my short workout it was time for dinner.  I had no plans for dinner and couldn't decide what to make when I came up with this grand idea....breakfast for dinner.  I've lived with Matt for almost a year and we have never done breakfast for dinner.  When I was a kid we would do it all the time, but unfortunately Matt isn't a big breakfast/bruch person (I'm going to have to work on that).  To my surprise Matt agreed (most likely so I would stop begging him). 

look at that flip

Has anyone else ever noticed that the men in the family always cook the pancakes?? My dad can not cook to save his life but he always cooked the pancakes and he was the master grillman.  It's the same in Matt's family. His mom does all the cooking, but when it comes to pancakes his dad does them every time.  Well our litte family is no different. I do all of the main cooking in the house, not because Matt can't, but because I'm a control freak when it comes to cooking so I would rather do it myself lol.  But when I attempted to cook pancakes it was not so hot.  Pancake batter everywhere and I burnt them...oops. Since then it has always been Matt's job.
I had two pancakes and topped them with all of my favorite things.
apple butter
plain nonfat greek yogurt
peanut butter
OMG amazing.  Matt took one look at it and said "eww what is that?" haha. He obviously doesn't understand my obsession with these flavor combinations. 

I'm heading up to my sister's house in Pittsburgh this weekend with my dad to help her with the kids.  She is 8 months prego and her husband will be working all weekend (they are both doctors...pretty crazy I know).  I volunteered to make dinner on Saturday night too and I think I'm going to attempt to make whole wheat sweet potato crust pizza.  Though the neice and nephew would like it.  We will also be watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 which comes out tomorrow on DVD!! Can't wait!


  1. In my family, the only meal my dad cook was breakfast too. When my mom would go out of town we would have breakfast for dinner :) And your pancakes look awesome!