Friday, November 18, 2011

Race Goals

Hey everyone! Well it's the day before my 10k and I've been sitting here thinking about what I want to get out of my race. 

  • Mainly I want to finish the race without stopping.  The only reason I every stop in a race is because of a cramp and the only way for me to avoid them is to drink a lot of water/coconut water and to try to keep my breathing even.  For some reason I am very prone to side cramps.
  • I want to finish under 1 hour! I have done this during practice a few times so I know it's possible.
  • Work on my pre-race nerves so that my stomach doesn't freak out on me.  Since I have an unpredictable stomach, I usually take Imodium on race days. I totally sound like an old lady saying this but it really helps me. 
  • Have fun. I really want to enjoy my first 10k and I hope that finishing will give me the drive to train for a half marathon for next year.
Well I am at work, so I better keep this short.  Today is our Thanksgiving lunch at work and I cannot wait! Then I'm off to meet with a graduate advisor at the university to discuss classes.  And then....I'm off to TWILIGHT!!!  I will leave you with an adorable picture of the cutest puppy ever.  Mine of course:

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