Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

I saw this on a couple other blogs.  People just take pictures of what they eat on Wednesday. Thought I would give it a go.  I really need to get better at keeping my camera handy. Half of these pictures were taken with my phone so forgive me for the poor quality!

I started out with pumpkin pie overnight oats.  YUM. I added some applesauce this time

For lunch I used some leftover pork from last night to make a wrap.  First I spread some goat cheese on a whole what wrap.

Then I added some spinach leaves, pork, chopped carrots and sliced green peppers.  I had an apple on the side and a small peice of dark chocolate afterwards.

Dinner was....quick.  I got home from the gym a little late because of an accidant and I just put something together because I was starving. I cooked a salmon filet on the stovetop with some salt and pepper.  I heated up some leftover brown rice and black beans and had some pineapple with it. 

Man I can't wait until we get more attractive plates for our wedding haha. The 70's has made it's return.

Can't believe this time next week it will almost be thanksgiving!! This year is flying by!

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