Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Check, Check and Check

In the past two days I've worked 1.5 days, gone to see 2 different doctors, made a decision on a venue for my bridal shower and have attempted to not stress out in between. 
My day yesterday
  • 6:45am appointment to get my blood taken to be tested from my checkup
  • work from 7am-11am
  • 11:30 appointment to get both my feet and ankles xray'd
  • 1pm appointment to look at the hotel DuPont with my mom and 2 aunts
  • Late lunch with the fam
  • Home at 5pm
  • Get dinner together (leftover enchiladas from last week)
  • crash
  • Work 7:15-3:15
  • home to entertain the pup
  • quick dinner of a salad and leftover pulled pork
  • gym for a little over an hour!! I needed this!
  • Home to work on grocery list for tomorrow and the blog
Matt and I have been pretty busy so we've been sticking to mostly leftovers this week.  Tomorrow night I'll be making a quick homeade chicken noodle soup that takes less than a half an hour to make. Finally some cooking!!

Besides Christmas I've had WEDDING on my mind lately. My best friend is home for a month so we're going to try and get some major planning done for the shower/wedding. Here are some pics of ideas that I love :)
For the ceremony:
I love these mason jars with floating candles. Maybe lining the aisle?

My bridesmaid dresses are dark purple so I thought these flowers were really pretty for decorating the chairs for the ceremony seating

We are getting married in a really rustic space but it's pretty empty so I love this idea for elevating flowers where Matt and I will be standing.

And I love something like this for the shower. Simple. Can you tell I have a thing for mason jars??

Just 2 more days of work until a fun weekend with my company xmas party on friday night and a cookie exchange party on Saturday! Can't wait!

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