Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disfunctional Gingerbread Houses!

We're officially into the swing of the holiday season! Matt and I are off from work until Tuesday! My friend Chelsea came to visit yesterday afternoon. We started off our day by doing some shopping on main street and grabbing a cup of coffee. Then we began our hunt to find a gingerbread house kit.  Who knew it would be so hard.  We tried Walgreens, The Dollar Store, Rite Aid and ShopRite.  We finally gave up and headed back to my house.  When we told Matt about our troubles he says "did you try KMart?" haha. So we all get back in my car and head to KMart, and wouldn't you know it, there they were.  We picked up two kits, one for me and Chelsea and one for Matt and our friend Pat.  We wanted to have a little competition to see who could make the better house. Here's how it went:
Our house coming along quite nicely. Then I hear a noise from the boys and this is what I see....

Boys epic fail hahah
these two are sooo photogenic

Mine and Chelsea's cute little house...maybe a little messy
Matt and Pat's abstract gingerbread villiage

We finished off our night with The Christmas Story!

Today I got in a good run around UD campus now that all the students are gone

Finally figured out how to use the My Tracks Ap on my phone.  I ran 4.82 miles in 45 minutes! It wasn't the best run in the world. I didn't wait long enough after lunch and my stomach was not happy. But I finished and then went home for the longest hot shower ever and dinner thanks to Chelsea's amazing dad who made us a smoked turkey breast!

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