Monday, December 19, 2011

Intervals Kick My Butt!

Today was a very slowwww Monday.  I slept horribly last night and am still trying to get over this cold.  After a day of work that seemed to never end, I headed to the gym for an interval treadmill workout.  I based my interval workout off of one I found on  It mixes in speed and incline intervals and it kicks my butt every time I do it.  For each part there is a range of speeds you can use to accomadate different speed levels.

Warm Up       2 minutes      4.0 speed           0 incline
Speed Up     5 minutes      5.0-6 (increasin 0.5 every 30 seconds and then holding at 6.0)    0 incline
Climb      7 minutes        5.5-6.0speed      1.0 incline increase every minute stay at 6.0 2 min
Descend      1 minute      6.0speed      2.0 incline
Sprint         4 minutes        varied speed(sprint 1 minute, jog 1 minute)       2.0 incline
Climb      1 minute     5-6speed      4.0 incline 
Climb      4 minutes      6-7speed      4.0 incline
Recover       1 minute     5.5-6 speed      0 incline
Jog      1 minute        6 speed        0 incline
Sprint        2 minutes       SPRINT!      0 incline
Jog      1 minute      6.2 speed       0 incline
Srint       2 minutes     SPRINT!!!      0 incline
Cool down!

I'm hoping that this workout will finally get this cold out of me.  When I got home I made a really simple dinner: Grilled cheese and soup

I made my grilled cheese on a whole wheat deli flat. I spread some pesto sauce on both sides of the bread, then stuck two peices of provalone cheese and some spinach in the middle. I also had a bowl of sweet potato soup
Not homeade but still good

I just wamed it up in the microwave and then sprinkled some cinnamon on top.  Perfect meal for a sick girl on a cold day.  Fingers crossed that I actually sleep tonight.  On the bright side I only have 1 1/2 days left of work this week until my long Christmas weekend!!!

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