Monday, December 26, 2011

Time To Get Moving!!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! I took a little break from life the past couple of days and boy did I love it! I hung out with my family and ate lots of Chrismtas goodies and did not workout.  Today I was back to the gym and so happy to be running.  I hopped on the treadmill and did a 5 mile interval run.  I started out with a ten minute warm up and then alternated 1 minute sprinting and two minutes running, then switched it around and finally finished up with some incline intervals.  When I got home I made some lunch and rested for a bit before Matt and I met up with our friend to go rock climbing!

After dinner (sorry no picture I was completely preocupied about what was coming next) I got to try out my amazing Christmas gift from Matt to make us some dessert.  This past summer we went to a place at the beach that made softserve like "ice cream" out of frozen bananas that they put into a juicer like contraption.  I was in love.  It tasted just like ice cream, but with half the calories and you could mix in fruit, chocolate, peanut butter ect.  Wellll I open my gift from Matt and he got me the machine that makes them!!!!   So today was our first attempt at using the machine:

First we froze two bananas cut in half overnight.  Then we took them out of the freezer fifteen minutes before using the machine along with some berries we santed to mix in for flavor.
Then we put them in the machine and started the magic!

YUM!! I also mixed in some peanut butter

I appologize for my appearance :)
I have a feeling this machine is going to be my best friend this summer!

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  1. That looks yummy and I'm a tad jealous :)