Saturday, January 7, 2012

Close Your Legs Woman!

My favorite part of the weekend is sleeping in and having time to enjoy my breakfast in the morning.
Apple Cinnamon Chobani Overnight Oats and Half Caf Coffee

After breakfast, I went up to Wilmington with the MOH to get her and my sister's bridesmaid dresses  (I haven't tried my sister's on yet, but it will happen).  Then Matt and I took Champ to White Clay for a hike since it's 60 degrees warming like wooo.

Along the trail they had fitness stations that Matt and I stopped at to give a go.  Matt took some pictures of me attempting to to a pull up at two stations....there's a similarity between the two pictures.  See if you can pick it out.

OMG CLOSE YOUR LEGS hahah.  I'm glad I never attempt these at the gym.  I think I need to work on my form ie keep my legs closed.
Matt schooled me...legs crossed and everything.

Another thing we discovered, Champ loves sticking his head out the window.

When I got home I did this workout from GOtheXtraMile.  I went through the circuit twice and finished up with some ab work for a 30 minute workout.
dead sexy

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