Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sick Run and BBQ

I'm feeling a little better today than I did yesterday.  When I saw the weather report for the day I knew I couldn't waste it sitting inside and being sick.  It got into the 50s today which meant I really wanted to run outside! Before my run I fueled up with a good lunch thanks to my sister. She took me to the coop before I left Pittsburgh to get me some snacks for the car and I just finished them today. Delish!

Wheatberry salad on the side

From inside my building I could see the sun shining, but what I didn't expect was the wind when I actually stepped outside. Whooo baby.  I had one of those runs when no matter which way I turned I was always going against the wind. I finished 3.45 miles in about 31 minutes. 
Windblown with a nice vein popping out of my head.  Every time I run the vein come out!!

After my run I drove over to Matt and my favorite bbq shack to pick up dinner.  This place is such a dive, but they smoke all their own meat and it tastes amazing. 
Smoked ham with mac and cheese and veggies. 

Off to watch some ENews....don't judge I can't help it.  I'm a sucker for all trashy tv.

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