Monday, March 12, 2012

Chili on a Warm Day

I think I was pretty much a walking zomby today.  I'm still recovering from Atlantic City.  After work I wanted to go to the gym for some abs and arms work and a fast run on the treadmill.  Matt and I signed up for a 5k this Saturday to try and get in the swing of things again now that it's getting warm out.  I have a time in mind that I really want to push for on Saturday.  My fastest 5k time so far is around 26.30 and this weekend I'm really want to get below 26 minutes.  Today, on the treadmill I finished in 25.50.  I'm going to be right on the edge of 26 so I hope I can push through!!

Dinner tonight was super easy.  I found this recipe on pinterest that I threw together in the crockpot this morning before I left for work.  I unfortunately didn't have corn so I made my chili without it.  I thought I had corn and then I went to open the can and realized it was creamed corn and almost threw up in my mouth.  When I got home from they gym the house smelled amazing!

YUM! This one's going in the recipe box. 

Backtracking.....after I went to the gym I felt like I needed a little pick me up on my way home.  I looked in the fridge at my gym and spotted muscle milk light.
I always hear about all the benefits of chocolate milk after working out so I thought I would give it a go.  I glanced pretty quickly at the front and just read muscle milke and then I checked the back real quick, saw 150 calories, 3g of sugar and 20g of protein. Looked good to me.
So I'm sipping it in my car and glance at the front again and see "contains no milk." What?? I thought it was milk!!??  Then I got confused and decided to look at the ingredients.  I couldn't pronounce half of them. I stopped drinking it right then and there.  What happened to good old fashioned chocolate milk?? 

Another product of recently tried is quaker oatmeal squares.
I had a coupon and decided to try it.  They are actually pretty good. Very filling being made of oatmeal and just enough sweetness to not be too overpowering.  I love to throw them on top of yogurt for some extra crunch. And the first two ingredients...whole grain oat flour, whole wheat flour. Now that's what I'm talkikng about. Threre are 9g of sugar per serving which isn't too bad and 6g of protein which is great!  I'm excited to try some more flavors. 

Matt just informed me that he purchased a cake topper when I was gone this weekend...I'm gonna go check it out. Sounds funny (which is what I wanted)!

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