Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gorgeous Day....Horrible Run

I can't believe how hot it got today! I was literally sweating all day at work because our building's heating/air conditioning unit sucks. Apparently it heats the building when it's 75 degrees out and turns on the AC when it's 40 degrees out lol. 

I knew my stomach wasn't having such a great day today.  After I ate my lunch of greek yogurt and a peanut butter deli flat, my stomach was not happy. What in the meal could have made it so upset?? I have no idea. It always baffles me. Ever since my bachelorette party it has been...well off.  It settled as the day went on so I figured it would be fine for a run. Plus I didn't want to miss the great weather sitting inside.

I set out for my usual 4 mile loop around campus. At around 20 minutes I started feeling a bit off, but kept going. At 27 minutes I got this shooting pain in my side. I think my stomach was doing this:
I was forced to walk the rest of the way back to work. At least I finished 3 miles, but I was in some major pain. It felt like some huge bubble was just sitting in my stomach and it wouldn't come out.  When I got home I took it easy for a bit and eventually started feeling better.

Then it was time for dinner. On the menu...Bethenny Frankel's BBQ Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers.  These are by far my favorite turkey burgers ever, because I'm obsessed with blue cheese.
I had mine bunless over some spinach with some veggies on the side. I also cooked up a sweet potato at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

Have I mentioned that I can't wait until we get new plates for our wedding??

My goal for this weekend is to work on supplies for our candy buffet at the wedidng. I saw this other idea on pinterest for a trail mix buffet and I really liked it...however, most people that I talked to said it was lame compared to a candy buffet. Matt's exact words..."not everyone is like you." hahah. I was overruled. But look how cute:

I'll still be happy with the candy buffet though, as long as there's plenty of dark chocolate.

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