Friday, April 13, 2012


Today I took off from work to prepare for the big bridal shower tomorrow.  For some reason I was up at the crack of dawn this morning...and I mean literally. I was wide awake at 6am.  Maybe it's because I was looking forward to my breakfast so much.  I made the batter for Carrot N Cake's pumpkin protein pancakes and couldn't wait to throw them in the pan and cook them up.

I put some greek yorgurt in the middle of my pancakes and some peanut butter and banana slices on top. Yum! After a quick trip to the grocery store I showered up and headed over to my parent's house to meet my mom and MOH for some errands.  We went out to the mall to pick up some flowers from cosco.  Stef and I grabbed lunch at Saladworks before going to get our nails done! I think the last time I got my nails done was .... 3 years ago, and it was only b/c I had a gift card.  I am usually not one to pamper myself, but I thought hey, why not.
I went with the brightest color I could possibly find.  It's actually more of a coral than it shows in the picture.  When I got home Matt and I took Champ to the park for a hike.
Yes I am rocking a scarf while hiking, don't judge.

The trail we followed actually followed a frizbee golf course.  We hiked all 18 holes and finished 2.3 miles.  We ran home, dropped off Champ and went out for date night.  Matt told me I could pick so I chose one of my favorites, Home Grown.
I got the falafell platter and it was delicious! I chowed the entire thing.  Right now we are just sitting down to watch Talladega Nights with a peice of dark chocolate with some peanut butter on top. Perfect end to the day.

I'll be waking up nice and early tomorrow to sneak in a run before my bridal shower! Can't wait!

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