Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bridal Shower Recap

Yesterday was my bridal shower at the Hotel Dupont in Wilmington.  I woke up at the crack of dawn all on my own and decided to get a quick run in before the massive amounts of eating started.
It was pretty cold out at 7am, in the 40's so I was bundled up.  I ran 3 miles with just under a 9 minute mile pace.  When I got back home I had breakfast waiting for me.
oats in a jar. yum!

After that it was time to get gussied up and head over to my parent's house to meet my MOH.  We headed up to the venue early to set up.
On our way!

setting up.

mini cupcakes yum.

Once everyone arrived we sat down for tea.  I was totally not thinking straight and didn't take pics of any of the food but it was all really good.  We started off with a plate of tea sandwiches including curried chicken salad, smoked salmon and prosciutto with asparagus.  Then we got a plate of two scones and cream and last we got a plate of mini desserts including a key lime tart, strawberries and cookies.  I was stuffed!

Then it was gift opening time and time for games.

My sister is in the background making the bouquet for the rehearsal dinner which I found out later I had to put on my head and wear as a hat. I learn something new every day haha.
My sister attaching the hat.
My bridal party and I!!  I only look tall b/c of my massive heals which were later exchanged for flip flops.

Me and Stef

Matt showed up near the end to help carry the massive amount of gifts out to the car.
that's my tard face lol

My favorite part of the shower was one of Stef's ideas for a keepsake.  When each person came in they would grab a picture of Matt and I and write a message on the back and then hang it on a ribbon.
there were some classic pitures in there.

Later that night we had Matt's family and my family that were in from out of town over for a bbq at our house.  We cooked up some burgers and hotdogs and our families brought side dishes.  We also had leftover cupcakes for the kids to enjoy.
Giona and Mia

Me and Abri

All in all I had a great bridal shower day.  6 weeks until the big day! This morning I woke up and got a 30 minute strength training workout in before going to say bye to my sister and brother.  Then Matt and I met a friend at Lums Pond for mountain  biking.  I was trying my best to keep up with the boys and I think I did pretty well.  We finished about 8 miles in around an hour.   

Good end to a great weekend.

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