Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Love With My Garmin!

I finally went on my first run with my new Garmin 405 and...I'm in love! I loved being able to see my pace and I loved how it beeped after each mile telling me my pace for that individual mile. The only thing I didn't like was how it fit on my wrist. I have a freakishly small wrist so it was kind of flopping around the whole time, but I can totally deal with it.
I ran 5 miles in just about 45 minutes.

My favorite part was when I got home and connected my watch to my computer.  It showed me my route and all my splits.
Mile 1: 9.14
Mile 2: 9.00
Mile 3: 8.59
Mile 4: 8.59
Mile 5: 8.42

It was cool to see that my comfortable pace is around a 9 minute mile and that I really do need a bit of a warm up to get into it. My average pace was 8.59.

When I got home I fixed up a quick dinner.  A giant salad with some tofu on top.
On my salad besides the tofu: carrots, black beans, grapes, beans, blue cheese, newman's own light italian dressing. I toasted half a peice of great harvest dakota with apple butter on top!

Random tidbit: on my way home from my run I heard Adele's new song Rumor Has It and it reminded me of when my neice and nephew were singing the song this past weekend.  Giona loves the song...he's 3 haha. He inserts his name into the song so instead of rumor has it he sings "Giona had it."

I hope this works, I have never uploaded a video before and it's not the best quality.

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