Monday, April 16, 2012

90 Degree Monday

It was soo unbearably hot out today I decided to head to the gym after work to run on the treadmill instead of running outside.  We were forecasted to hit 89 today and I did not want to mess around with I am not as cool as those Boston Marathoners!

I managed to see a couple minute of the race while at work and actually ended up seeing the first two woman finish 2 seconds apart! Crazy!  Wesley Corir was the men's winner with a time of 2:12.40 and Sharon Cherop was the women's winner in 2:31.50.  Amazing.  With the crazy heat today this ended up being the second slowest Boston Marathon ever.  This made me feel a lot better about my own hot run today. Yes, I went to the gym...but NO they did NOT have the AC on. The doors were wide open and it was hot as **** in there.  I haven't sweat that much in soooo long. I went in wanting to complete 5 miles and I did, so I guess that's all I can really ask for.   I finished my 5 miles in 47.22.
nice sweaty matted down hair
attempting to take a pic of my sweat ring on my shirt...not so much.  Just take my word for it, it was huge.

Thank goodness dinner was easy because I didn't have much energy left.  Matt had ordered some things from Omaha Steaks including crab stuffed sole.  I threw it in the oven for 30 minutes along with some potatoes slathered in olive oil and old bay.
This hit the spot.  Especially the potatoes.  I have a slight addiction to old bay. 

After dinner I grabbed I saw that we got a new Runner's World magazine in the mail!
I haven't finished reading it all yet, but so far I love this issue. It's all about trail running which I have a new interest in after trying it a few weeks ago. I especially liked this article.
This is all about how trail running can improve your conditioning for road running.  Trail running works different muscles than road running and can help you build endurance and evade injury.
I loved this one quote: "a runner  who is used to covering 10 miles in 60 to 90 minutes might take 75 minutes to two hours on trails..."  I definitely experienced this during my trail run. I usually hover around a 9 minute mile and on the trails I was around 10 minute miles.

I just told Matt that if it's nice out this weekend I definitely want to hit up some trails, especially since I will have my Garmin  405 by then (I think it will be in tomorrow!!!).  Ok time to get back to my magazine :)

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