Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Negative Splits!

Today was either going to be hit or miss weather wise for running. They've been calling for scattered thunderstorms for the entire week and it wasn't looking the greatest out, so I just stalked the weather all morning.  When I looked at 3pm, it said there was a 30 chance of rain.  That's good enough for me. I was out the door and ready to run.  I really needed to clear my head today after a super busy day at work and an even busier day that is coming my way tomorrow. 
When I started running, it took me a while for my legs to get warmed up.  I had a slow first mile, but then I started feeling fast. I decided to go for negative splits for my run (run each mile faster than the last).  I see all those cool marathon runners doing negative splits on their blogs all the time, and I want to be cool like them obviously.
My Splits:
0.5 miles at 8.14 pace (sprinted that biznatch)

Running felt great minus the gross humidity outside. I haven't sweat this much in a really long time.  I was sweating so much that it started to drip into my eyes and man did that sting.
"glistening" sweaty hot mess

When I got home I was so excited for dinner. Somehow I convinced Matt to make breakfast for dinner.  I could literally eat breakfast food for every meal.  Matt cooked the pancakes and I cooked the eggs.

almond butter between and apple butter on top of pancakes

Don't worry, I evened this out with a big salad for lunch.  And there's story behind that. All you people not from the DE or PA area, the best convenience store around here is Wawa!  I love wawa.  You can have sandwiches and hogies made to order and they have pre-made sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, veggie cups...lots of stuff.  Well I go there today because I was too lazy to make a lunch and I really wanted a good sandwich on rye bread.  They just got a bunch of new toppings too including spinach and cucumbers.  I go to the machine to order my sandwich and.....it's not there!! There were only hogies.  What happened to the sandwich??? I'm not a huge fan of hogies, just too much bread, so I ended up with a garden salad and a  hummus and mini pita package. 

Now that that tangent is over....4 days until the wedding!! Tomorrow is my last day of work until next Tuesday.  We got new ID badges today at work and mine has my new name on it:
That's going to take some getting used to.  Pretty sweet last name I know hahah. 

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