Wednesday, June 13, 2012

St. Lucia Part 2

This will be my last post about our awesome trip to St. Lucia.  Then I'll go back to blogging about the normal things....maybe.  I do have a few announcements to make tomorrow about some events in the future though! 

Our next adventure in St. Lucia was a guided tour of Soufriere!  At first we thought about taking a boat tour or driving ourselves. When we met with the manager of our villa he told us that the boat tour would pretty much be a boose cruise and that we wouldn't see many things inland that most people go down there to see.  He also told us that the roads to Soufriere are pretty hilly and scary for people just learning to drive on the other side of the road.  He suggested we do a private tour, hiring a driver for the entire day to show us the town.  We are so glad that we went with this option.  Our tour guide was so nice and showed us so many things along the way. 
We stopped a bunch of times along the way at different cities/fishing villiages to take pictures. This is St. Lucia's biggest city Castries.
Maragot Bay


Then we came within view of the Pitons
We were getting close!

We stopped at the botanical gardens/diamond waterfall/mineral baths.

Then we went to a cocoa plantation (no pictures) and then to the best lunch of my life:
because this was our view.  Our hotel manager hooked us up with the best seats in the house!

After lunch we moved on to the sulfur springs and mud baths.

And finally we went snorkeling in between the two Pitons.
We were at the resort that Oprah stays at when she is on the island.  Oh only $1000/night.  We got to pretend like we were rich and famous for the day.  All the beaches are open to the public in St. Lucia which let us sneak in to all these expensive resorts and enjoy their views. 

The next day we actually went on a snorkel trips (in which no pictures were taken).  For the remainder of our trip, we relaxed and revisited some of our favorite spots from the trip.  On our last night, we went for a sunset cruise on a pirate ship (with an open bar...yes please).

with a steal drum band!

We had such a great time, met a lot of great people and may have gotten a little tipsy.
mini cannon

It was a fun way to spend our last night, and made us remember the night we got engaged...on another sunset cruise in Key West.
Man did I look like a hot mess when we got engaged hahaha. Don't mind our matching sweatshirts, the weather was not so great that day and these were the only warm things we had with us.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when we match, so this was not ok hahah.

All in all we loved our trip.  Whenever we get back from a trip like this, we talk about our next trip.  We both want to go to Europe before we start the next phase in our life (bambinos).  We are going to try and save up some money/vacation time from work and go within the next 2 or 3 years. I need to go to Italy, not want, NEED!  I am 50% Italian afterall....

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