Sunday, October 23, 2011

6 Year Philadelphia Trip

Matt and I just got home from our 6 year anniversary trip to Philadelphia.  We had so much fun just walking around and exploring the city.  We took the day off from work on Friday and drove up to Philly after lunch.  We stayed in the Mariott Center City which was an awesome location.  We were in the center of everything. 
(The view outside our hotel)
We started out the day by walking towards the Love sign! I can't  believe I live 45 minutes away from Philadelphia and have never been to the love sign. 
Then we decided to go to Logan Square and then off to the Natural Science Museum because we are both science nerds. 
We saw a ton of dinosaurs fossils.  
And Matt went back in time haha.

After the museum it was time for dinner. Matt found this really cute wine bar Tria.  It was a pretty small restaurant and we ended up with the last table in the place. 
I had a glass of Rose along with my dinner which was amazing! I had the Fig and Gorgonzola Salad with hazelnuts and balsalmic dressing.  It was the perfect size and exactly what I needed.

After dinner we stopped at a bakery and got a little something for dessert.  I got a peice of no sugar added dark chocolate almond bark.  Yum.  I could never live without dark chocolate.
The next morning Matt and I got some oatmeal from Starbucks and some fruit. We ate a quick breakfast and then went down to the fitness center for a much needed workout.  I was really surprised at how nice the fitness center was. They had a bunch of cardio machines along with a great area for free weights and a handful of weight machines.  Here is what I ended up doing at the gym:
  • Legs with 2 10lb dumbells
    • 25 squats
    • 24 forward lunges
    • 24 backward lunges
  • Arms with 2 10lb dumbells
    • 2 sets of 12 benchpress and 12 dumbell fly's
    • 2 sets of 12 bent over rows  both for right and left arm
    • 2 sets of 12 bent over tricep extensions for right and left arm
  • Cardio:
    • 30 minutes on the eliptical on the random setting level 7
After the gym and a shower we were off for more exploration! We grabbed our lunch at Reading Terminal Market! It was soo hard to pick where to eat. There were so many places that looked good.  We ended up picking a Mediterranean food stand. 

I got a Bruschetta, Eggplant, Prosciutto, and Fresh Mozzarella Sandwhich.  I had never had eggplant before but I ended up liking the sandwhich a lot.

From lunch we pretty much walked around the entire city.  We went down to old city and caught a glimpse of the Liberty Bell and the Constitution Center.
We then walked to Antique Row and did some window shopping. I love all of the shops we saw...but just couldn't afford to buy anything lol. By the time we made it back to the hotel we had been walking for about 3 1/2 hours. We were beat.  We took a little rest in the room until dinnertime. 

It took us a while to decide where we wanted to go for dinner.  We went on the website for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (I'm slightly obsessed with this show) and found what places Guy visited in Philadelphia.  We decided to go to the Good Dog Bar.  It's kind of a hole in the wall, but that's exactly what we wanted. 

I totally forgot to take a picture of my dinner. It's probably because I was too busy devouring it.  I had the salmon burger and side salad.  YUM!  I also had a glass of wine and a glass of Flying Fish Oktoberfest.  We definitely went all out for our last night of our mini vacation. 

We are back home now :( and Matt is packing for his business trip.  He'll be in New York until Friday.  Although I'm said he's leaving, I'm going to take the opportunity to make some weird food...stuff I know he wouldn't eat if he were here!

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