Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hating My Stomach!

This post was supposed to be for yesterday. I was having trouble uploading pictures!!

Today was a frustrating day all around.  I've been having stomach aches on and off all week and today was especially bad.  I would get one after pretty much every meal.  I can't figure out what is causing it. Usually my stomach aches are braugh on by stess or running and they tend to affect my lower stomach.  This week I've been getting them more frequently and they've been affecting my upper stomach.   Usually the only meal I don't get a stomach ache after is breakfast.  Today I tried to ward of the stomach aches with lots of Mint Tea.  In the past it's helped a lot.  I almost got peppermint oil pills the other week at a health food store....then I realized they cost almost $20. 

Let's see if we can spot a trend:
Breakfast: Greek yogurt overnight oats. I eat this every morning and usually don't have any issues.
Lunch: I went to a local coffee shop for lunch and got a turkey, brie and apple sandwich with fig spread. It was huge so I ate half with a banana and a cup of mint tea (for the stomach).

Dinner: Matt and I usually go out for dinner on friday nights. We went to J.B. Dawson's and I got the seasonal vegetable plate which was served with rice, black beans and toast.

Who knows! Tomorrow is another day! Matt and I are going cake tasting for the wedding cake so I'm hoping my stomach feels better by then!

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