Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ready For Homecoming!

Today was my day off from the gym/running! I always use Wednesdays for errands and chores.  Today after work I went to Main St. to get one of my good friends a gift for her quarter century birthday:) I went to one of my favorite stores Heart And Home.  I always go there to shop for my friends and it's usually hard for me to not buy something for myself. 
Then I walked down to the Five and Dime to get some gear for homecoming.  It's about a week and a half away and I have a feeling I'm going to freeze my butt off.  Homecoming is usally in the middle of October, but for some reason this year it's about a month later.  Since I graduated most of my delaware gear has gotten pretty ratty, so I needed some replacements.  I ended up getting a cute hate and some gloves in blue and gold of course!
Looking pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

I can't wait to spend homecoming with my friend Stephanie and her boyfriend Chase! I'm still trying to decide what we should cook while we tailgate.  It'll be pretty early in the morning so I'm thinking eggs....on a grill.  We'll see.
Tonight's dinner was a shrimp and veggie stir fry over brown rice.  I thawed some frozen shrimp and frozen stir fry vegetables, and cooked them in a little soy sauce. YUM!
I'm off to make my breakfast/lunch before Up All Night and Modern Family!


  1. Homecoming was about the same time last year, but I do remember it being earlier when we were there. I think they've moved it around with new football teams in the conference.

  2. Yea I think it was at the end of October last year. I'm just hoping it's not another repeat of last saturday. No snow and I'll be happy.