Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back In The Saddle

I'm back baby! After biking, walking, light "jogging" and elipticaling my life away since my 10k I finally went for it today and ran! My foot has been feeling great all this week so I decided I needed to run.  My doctor's appointment is scheduled for monday and I will still tell her about my foot. I just really needed to run today.  It's such an amazing stress reliever.  I felt invigorated afterwards and wanted to keep going, but I stopped myself.  Don't want to push the foot too much. Here's what I did:
Treddy Interval Workout:
walk 2 minutes @ 4.0
minutes 2-3 speed 5.0
minutes 3-4 speed 5.3
minutes 4-5 speed 5.5
minutes 5-6 speed 5.8
minutes 6-10 speed 6
speed intervals:
alternated 1 minute sprinting and 2 minutes running @ 6.0 from minutes 10-25
hill intervals:
alternate 1 minute at incline 1/2/3/4 then back down and 1 minute at incline 0 from minutes 25-39
sprint until 4 miles! 9 about 1-2 more minutes

Today was also a yummy meal day. I had my usual for breakfast followed by a big salad for lunch with some leftover black bean burger.
spinach leaves, black bean burger, pineapple, carrots, blue cheese, craisins, sugar snap peas and an apple on the side

For dinner I used our broiler for the first time ever...hard to believe I know.  I cooked up a london broil for Matt (my carnivore).  I also made a baked potatoe and cooked some spinach in a pan with garlic salt and pepper.

unsweetened applesauce on the side

For dessert I had to have another one of my pumkin cranberry muffin tops with some peanut butter and a peice of dark chocolate. Perfect end to the day.

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