Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Don't Want It To End!!!

After my 4 day weekend I really don't want it to end. It's been nice to do things outside and spend time with the new pup.  I started off my day with a trip to the gym.  I've been sticking to cross-training since my 10k because of my foot (I'm calling the doctor tomorrow I swear).  It has been getting better. I've traded in the treadmill for the stationary bike and eliptical :( to my dismay.  It's still a workout either way, but I miss running so much.  I also did about a half hour of weight training. When I got home I grabbed some lunch and then took the pup to the Newark Resevoir for a walk.

Champ had a blast seeing all of the people and dogs. It was super crowded because of the unseasonably warm weather...I even broke out my shorts!  We walkeda about 2 miles before heading home.  And waiting for me at home? Chores. Laundry, dishes, cleaning my car, cooking.

When it came time for dinner I really had no plan.  I searched through the fridge and freezer and decided on Chicken Parm Rollups.  I mixed together about a third of a cup of part skim ricotta cheese with a handfull of frozen spinach and a bit of shredded parmesean and garlic powder. I mixed that all together and spread it on a chicken breast cutlet.
Then rolled up the chicken and put it seem down in a baking pan. I baked the chicken for 25 minutes at 425 degrees.
Then I pulled them out and topped then with some tomatoe sauce and more shredded cheese. I popped them back in the oven for 3 minutes until the cheese melted.
I had some garlic toast and veggies on the side. Yum!

Not looking forward to this full week of work :(

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