Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Train an ADD Dog

Today I went right home after work since it was Matt's turn to go to the gym and my turn for doggy duty.  It wasn't the prettiest day out today, but it was in the upper 40's.  I really wanted to run, but felt bad puting champ back in his cage.
Can't resist this face after all.

I thought to myself for a second about taking Champ with me on my run.  When we first got him I tried to run with him and it was a total disaster. He is so ADD he would stop at every mailbox, fire hydrant and street light to mark his territory.  How a dog his size can pee 2 times in one walk still baffles me.  We've been working on his walking since we got him and he finally has stopped pulling me around the neighborhood.  So I decided today was the day. I mean I know he can run...

.....but can he run with me????

We started off a little rocky. He was zig zagging quite a bit and I almost tripped over him a couple of times. Then we started to get into a groove and he was doing really well! I could tell I was going a little slow for him.  At some points he would actualy drag me along behind him...thanks for rubbing it in my face man.  We were outside for about 35 minutes and I think we were running for around 30 of them. We stopped a few times so he could still sniff some trees and take a dump.  Thank God it was trash day in our neighborhood.  I hadn't thought about what to do with the bag of poop for the rest of the run, so I just dropped it into someone's trash can.  I'm sure that is bad neighbor etiquette.

When we first got Champ I really wanted him to be a  running dog and when I realized he sucked at it I kind of gave up.  But I'm so happy that we are making some progress! I can't wait until the spring when we can run more often outside.
For now we'll have our hikes!

My camera died so not many actual pictures from today.  I had leftover tuna burgers from Tuesday in a nice big salad for dinner and I'm just pouring Matt and I some Thursday night wine.  We do have reason to celebrate after all....
4 Months Until The Big Day!!


  1. May I ask you if in four months you are getting married?? If so, I have got three weeks to go!!!

    1. Yes 4 months until we get married. May 26th is the big day!! Wow 3 weeks! How has the planning been? Our's has really gotten crazy the past couple of weeks with caterers and florists. I'm definitely not a planner but I've been trying to be for this event.