Sunday, January 22, 2012

Say It Ain't So

I just finished watching the ravens/patriots game.  How did they lose that??? I'm usually an Eagles fan, but on the off  pretty much every year when they end up not doing so well I root for the Ravens because of....
Joe Flacco!
One of a handful of famous people to come out of the not so well known University of Delaware!!!  That's right, the Ravents QB was a fightin' blue hen haha! Yes I'm serious our mascott is a blue hen.

I started off my day with a trip to the gym! I tried to shake things up a bit by splitting my cardio workout around my weight training.  I did two 20 minute interval workouts on the treadmill and in between did 30 minutes of weight lifting including lots of squats and lunges.
This was my teadmill workout today. I completed 4.2 miles in 40 minutes.  When I got home I chowed on an egg white, cheese and apple butter sammie with an apple and grapes on the side.
I also tried a new type of coconut water with my lunch.
Not a fan. I definitely like the taste of the vita coco coconut water better.

In other news (wedding news): Matt and I finally booked our honeymoon!!! We'll be in St. Lucia from June 2-Jun3 9!!!! I can't wait.

And this is where we'll be staying....I mean HELLO!!!!

Since we had people over for the game  dinner was quick.  I cooked some pork chops up sprkled with some sweet paparika and made some mashed red potatoes in the microwave.
After dinner activity: Stop being lazy and take down your dead christmas tree haha. Check!  This next week should be interesting. I got called in for jury duty on Tuesday. I'm hoping I only have to be there one day.  At least this will give me a chance to finish the book that I'm reading.

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