Monday, January 9, 2012


So I really had a boring boring day today.  My day had no highlights in particular. I went to work, came home, cooked an early dinner and then met with an officiant for the wedding.  My legs are killing me today so I took a day off from working out.  I'm hoping to get a good run in after work tomorrow since it will be 50 degrees! Watch out!
So I'm sitting here watching one of my guiliest pleasures....The Kardashians.
I mean seriously, who dresses like this for their Christmas card anyways??  I totally wanted to be one of those strong people who vowed to stop watching the show when Kim and Kris got divorced in 70 some days.  Well, I failed. It's too freaking good.  I'm OBSESSED!!  I even have Matt watching it with me, somewhat against his will I'll admit.  I always tell people I don't have enough drama in my own life so I have to turn to tv to watch other people's drama.
This inspired my post today...things I'm currently obsessed with.
Greek Yogurt
I cannot go a day without eating this stuff. Overnight oats every morning. Creature of habit.

My Gap Jeggings:
Way too comfy I can't take them off

Inerval Workouts:
Keeps me interested when my workouts get a little monotonous

Pumpkin Everything:
If you haven't noticed, half my recipes contain pumpkin. I have a problem. It's going to be fall all year round in my household.

Well it's 845 and I'm considering watching the bachelor....but I don't think I can handle being addicted to another horrible tv show.  Here's to hoping my life is more worth blogging about tomorrow!

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