Thursday, January 12, 2012

TGI...Almost Friday

My day in a nutshell was....BUSY!! I think this first 5 day week after the holidays is kicking my butt.  I had a busy day at work (I basically had two different assays running while trying to set up two more to run tomorrow...I know this means nothing to most of you lol).  I got home, took the pup for a walk since it was in the 50's again, and then did some vacuuming.  Matt's extended family is coming in from Virginia this weekend and our house needs some serious TLC before we have people over. 
Next up was working on my grocery list.  This includes looking at what coupons I have and going through the circular for the week as well as planning my meals.  I always go to the grocery store on Fridays after work because I figure who wants to be at the grocery store on a Friday? Not me. So I go hoping it won't be crowded.

Dinner was easy heating up some leftovers:
Leftover Italian Pizza Bake.  Even better the second time around.

After dinner and an episode of Dexter, I was finally feeling a bit of motivation to fit in a workout.  Better late than never.  I started with Peanut Butter Finger's workout.  I loved this workout! Killed my legs!
For the weights I used either 10lb weights or 8lb weights.
After I finished this workout I moved on to this workout from GoTheXtraMile.  I did this workout over the weekend and loved it.  I got Matt addicted too.  I went through the workouts once and used 8lb dumbells.  My favorite move:
T Push Up
My workout took me about 35 minutes all together. Not bad. And I was definitely sweating by the end.  I'll hopefully be making it to they gym on Saturday morning!

So happy tomorrow is Friday and that my company is awesome and is giving us Monday off for MLK day!! 

Any tips for finding coupons??
I look in the Sunday paper and online for coupons but I only ever manage to find a few that I would actually use. I really don't want to end up like one of those crazy coupon ladies after all.  


  1. Find a local crazy coupon lady website (local like Philly area or SE PA). They usually match up that week's sales at our local grocery stores with what coupons they have in-date. Frequently they use Sunday paper coupons you'd have to have saved, but sometimes they're online.
    And have low expectations, people who get $100 worth of food for $0.19 are usually buying junk.

    What season of Dexter are you guys on? We had a free Showtime weekend last week, and plowed through season 6, which I thought was better than the season 5.

    1. We are on season 6 of Dexter right now. I think we're 7 episodes in. I have mixed feelings on the season, but still overall I'm as addicted as ever. I will have to try your coupon ideas. I saved like $6 on Friday haha. Better than nothing though!