Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

My very exciting meals from Wednesday.  I managed to keep my meals pretty balanced today I think! Always love when that happens.

Don't hate me...I eat the same thing daily for breakfast and love it.  I can't stop.
Breakfast: Overnight Oats using Pomegranate Chobani.  1 container Chobani, 1/4 cpu old fashioned oats, sprinkle of wheat germ, splash of milk, spoonfull of almond butter and some craisins and granolla to top it off.

Mid morning snack on some of these bad boys (gift from my boss...she knows I love nuts lol)

Not pictured :( I'm so bad.  I gobbled it up too fast. I had peanut butter and apple butter on a whole wheat deli flat and an apple.  I finished it off with a peice of dark chocolate per usual.

Left over crab cake in a salad full of spinach, snow peas, carrots, chopped pear, and blue cheese (with more pear on the side).  I also had a small peice of cornbread from dinner Sunday night. I topped it with Newman's Own light italian dressing.

Mashed up banana, some cliff bar, spoonfull of apple butter, craisins and granolla. Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds. My new favorite late night snack.
I know it looks really gross but I love it

I also got in an hour workout today at the gym.  I did 30 minutes of strenth training concentrating on my legs and abs.  Then I did ten minutes each on the bike and eliptical sprinting.  I moved on to the treadmill last and attempted to spring a mile.  I finished it in 8:20.  I think I could've picked  it up a little, but switching machines in ten minute intervals did get me sweating fast.  It also kept me interested in the workout. 

I haven't taken a class at the gym in a really long time because they don't really fit into my schedule anymore.  I have Monday off from work for MLK day and my gym just so happens to have a spin class at noon.  I'm so excited to take it! I haven't taken a spin class in a really long time and I can say that it's definitely one of the hardest workouts out there.  I thought about being an instructor for a little, but realized it might be a little difficult with my full time job...mrrrr.

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