Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three things thursday

Today was blah.  My legs are hurting from my 5 mile interval run yesterday, so I did an easy 45 minute pilates workout on demand today.  Dinner was also pretty boring...leftovers from Monday night
You can pretty much guarantee that we will be eating leftovers on Thursay night because I find it impossilbe to cook for only two people. Cutting every recipe in half or in thirds is just too much work  for me at the end of the day.

Three Things Thursday
1. I'm Feezing!  It's officially back to winter here on the east coast.  I miss our random days in the 50's.  We are actually expecting our first "snow" on Saturday (usually ends up being that good old wintery mix here in Delaware.
Matt is such a lucky man to have this sexy thing walking around the house.  And he obviously had to point out that my headband was on upside down and insisted on taking a picture.
2. I'm craving sweets...and they are everywhere! All I've been thinking about lately is dessert. It doesn't help that all this left over christmas chocolate is still hanging around our house and my office at work. I'm hoping to think of something semi-healthy to make this weekend to curve my cravings. 

I might have to try these mini apple pies. It's all about portion control after all right??

3. I finally did it...I joint Pinterest! I've had several friends send me invite emails in the past couple of months and I finally gave in.  I joined pinterest.  I'm still trying to get the hang of it and am not convinced it's worth all they hype yet.  I have found some new recipes and found some new workouts so far so I can't knock it too much. I found this recipe on it and would love to make these cute mini lasagnas when we have company.

And apparently I'm really into mini foods lately too haha. So happy tomorrow is Friday.  Matt and I are going out to celebrate that he still has a job.  His company had lay-offs this past week and it was definitely weighing on both of us.  And now we are finally feeling secure enough to plan our honeymoon!
St. Lucia??? Yes Please!

Any big plans this weekend?
If you live anywhere warm I am definitely jealous of anything you will be doing outdoors!

Any suggestions for yummy healthy desserts?
I love anything chocolate or pumpkin.

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