Monday, February 27, 2012

Holy Wind

Today it was gorgeous outside, at least to the naked eye. said it was 58 degrees out so I thought what a perfect day for a run.  I went back to my parents house to walk the dogs and then went to the newark resevoir to run. Once you get to the top of one giant hill, the resevoir has a 1 mile track around it that is marked every 0.25 miles.  I wanted to time myself for 3 miles at race pace just to see where I was at. 
I walked up this hill for warm up and then started my run

I didn't realize this until I got to the top but it was really windy! I swear there is no wind at the bottom of this hill and then you get to the top and its like you are at the beach.  I ran my hardest through the wind and finished 3 miles in 25.45 (8.35 pace).  I think this was pretty good considering my fastest 5k time is 26.24.  I'm hoping to get sub 26 minutes for my next one.

Evidence that it was windy:
omg look at my hair hahah

When I got home I was hungry!  I had put together a turkey lasagna the night before and Matt put it in the oven so it was ready right when I got out of the shower. 
Lasanga with whole wheat noodles and turkey. YUM.  I love italian food way too much.

I made an impulse buy at the grocery store this past week.
These are sooooo good.  They taste just like banana bread. I'm kind of obsessed and may have finished an entire box in a week...oops.

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