Thursday, April 26, 2012

30 Days And Counting!!

Today marks 1 month until our wedding :)  We still have sooooo much to do, but we will get it done (I just have to keep telling myself that).  Today I checked off one big thing from my long to do list.  I finally finished my thank you cards from my shower:
YAY!! Only took me 2 weeks haha. I can only imagine how long it will take me after the wedding. 

Matt is at the Eagles draft party tonight with his dad, so me and Champ are spending some QT together.  When I got home from work I started a 45 minute strength training workout that I found online.  I used these these 2 in 1 toners that  I found on pinterest.  I did the ones I could with the equipment I had at home. I went through these exercises 3x
Deadlift and Bent Over Row Combo (12 reps, 12lb dumbbells)

Thrusters (12 reps, 8lb dumbbells)

Push Up Row with Core Hold (10 reps each side, 8lb dumbbells)

Sumo Squat and Curl (12 reps, 10lb dumbbells)

Single Arm Step-Up and Press (12 reps each, 8lb dumbbells)

After completing this circuit each time I would do a quick cardio burst before starting the next round. I did 10 burpees, 50 jumping jacks and 20 180 degree jump squats.  This took me about 30 minutes and then I ended with some video workouts from Blogilates.  She has so many great workout videos that you can do at home. I did one video for my toosh and one video for my abs.  The abs one I could barely even finish. It was hard!

I'm so excited to be seeing some muscle definition in my arms!
raahhh!! haha. I think I just look like i have muscle b/c I just finished working out.  And my arms look like a totally different color than my legs, it kind of freaks me out lol.  For some reason I have always had an easier time getting definition in my arms than in my legs.  I think it's just in my genes.  I got this whole outfit at old navy by the way. I love their workout clothes! The shirts have cups in them and they are nice and form fitting up top and looser at the bottom.  The shorts are nice, but I would never wear them to the gym, just for at home stuff.  Time to go watch all the trashy tv I can while Matt isn't home haha.  Real housewives it is!

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