Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Day Of Eats

TGIW for serious. Thank the lord this week is over half way done!!
Now for What I Ate Wednesday!  I do have to warn you all that volleyball season started today.  That means that every Wednesday for an hour or two I'll be playing volleyball after work, which also means that dinner will most likely be leftovers since we get home so late.  Matt and I went to our first game today.  We won one gam and lost two (this is really good for our team so we were super happy with the results)!!

Now let's start from the beginning:
Broken record player I know. Overnight oats for breakfast.  I probably eat this 5 out of 7 days of the week for breakfast b/c it keeps me full for over 3 hours which is super important for me.

Mid morning snack:
Unsweetened apple sauce and a handful of trail mix.  I feel like I'm 5 when I eat this applesauce, but I love it.   

This was definitely my favorite meal today.  I used some leftover southwest blackbean salad from last night and mixed in half a can of tuna. I had a whole wheat tortilla on the side for scooping along with my apple.

I have a feeling I'm going to be making this a lot.  Just  look at this stuf...
so pretty and yummy

When I left work I snacked on some dry cereal and a wheel of mini babybell cheddar cheese.  This tided me over until we got home from volleyball, around 7pm. Then I through together a quick dinner of leftover turkey in a salad.
spinach salad with carrots, string beans, snap peas, turkey, blue cheese and hummus.  I ended my night with a slice of watermelon and a peice of dark chocolate (this is a must).  I'm off to go write some more thank you cards! I'm determined to get these things out by the end of the weekend.  Easier said than done for me.

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