Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY Couple

Today was a super busy day. I'm so glad to be sitting right now!  Right when I woke up I started in on some DIY for the wedding and so did Matt.  We each had some things we wanted to get done today.  I finished everything for the wedding ceremony decor:
We'll be filling these with water on the day of and lighting a floating candle on top. These will line the aisle during the ceremony.

I also finished everything for the candy buffet:
Can't wait for this!

Before lunch I snuck in a quick run.  I did 4 miles around the neighborhood. It was a pretty rough 4 miles because my hamstrings are really sore from my workout on thursday.

Elvis hair...oh yea!!

When I got back from my run Matt had just finished up his project.  He made a chalboard to put at the bar to display all the drinks available. Instead of buying a chalkboard, Matt got chalkboard spraypaint, a plain frame and plywood ot make his own. All he had to do was cut the plywood, spray it and stain the frame.
He did such a good job! I'm so lucky to have a fiance that actually wants to help me with all this crap lol.  I don't know what I would do if it were all on me. 
egg white omlet with spinach and zucchini.  and apple on the side and a half of a deli flat with apple butter. 

Then it was time for endless errands.  I was seriously running errands from 1pm to 4:30.  But when I got home Matt had cleaned the whole house!! I'm glad he is so good at cleaning because lord knows I'm not.  For dinner we both did our own thing.  I made half a turkey sandwich on great harvest dakota bread with some veggies and pineapple on the side.

Hummus, cucmber and spinach on the sammy

And I almost forgot the highlight of my day!! When I got home from my errands  Matt was sitting on the couch just like normal.  But when I got over by him I saw this:
I asked what he was sitting on and got the best response ever. Matt decided that he wanted a burger for dinner but didn't have any thawed so he thought that they would thaw faster if he sat on them!! hahahah omg I almost peed my pants. This is why I'm marrying him haha
You can see the two buger patties if you look close.

We are taking it easy tonight because Matt has a mud run tomorrow and we have to get up super early, like 5:30am.  I'm sorta peeved that I can't run it too (the teams are 3  person teams and Matt got asked to run on a team that someone had backed out on).  But I'll be there taking pictures and chearing them on!!

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