Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fast Five!

Today was a gorgeous day, the first sunny day we've had in a while. So of course I was thinking about running all day long. I had a light lunch today because I was invited to something fun at Matt's work after lunch.
Tofu, brown rice, kale, zucchini, broccoli, garlic powder, soy sauce, blue cheese. YUM!  I love how tofu can mimic scrambled eggs. 

After lunch I drove over to Matt's work where they were having a "surprise party" for him celebrating our wedding.  The only issue was, Matt found out about it, so they decided to invite me along.  The got us a cake, balloons, a gift card to bed bath and beyond, and this:
There were some pretty funny picutres inside including this one:
Ummm no thanks hahha. If you can't quite tell that is the Duggar family aka "a million kids and counting." I think they are absolutely crazy by the way.

After I finished up at work I was headed out for a run around UD campus.  Now that the weather is getting nicer there is so much gooood stuff to gawk at around campus.  One of the most popular majors at UD, believe it or not, is Fashion Merchandising.  I don't want to make any generalizations....but they can wear some pretty crazy shit, and it amuses me to look at them and think to myself "what the hell were they thinking?" 

I finished 5 miles around campus in 44.46 with an average pace of 8.56 which is fast for me! I was surprised with my pace considering how windy it was:
Can you tell it's windy??

I did have to stop once during my run to look at what has happened to the campus that I used to know so well:

See where all that crap is?? That used to be Matt's dorm.  So sad.  I guess they were kind of crappy dorms though.  I'm hoping that they'll put in updated dorms and maybe name them the same thing?? Oh Gilbert, we had some good times.  At least all my dorms are still standing!! But probably not for long lol. 

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