Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cow Themed....

Happy Saturday everyone. Matt and I just got back from a busy day out and about.  Let's rewind to yesterday, just a normal day at work right?? Wrong! My coworkers got me good with a surpise wedding shower.  And the theme you ask?? Cow themed of course hahah. Anyone who knows me knows I love cows!

There was so much good food including subs, carrot cake cupcakes, trail mix (b/c it's me lol), ice cream from the UD creamery and these brownies:
(my new last name will be Coffin)

And my favorite part:
The pinata and the sweet cow visor.

Me and all my goodies.  I no I did not intentionally wear that shirt on that day lol.  I had so much fun.  They even made me this hilarious slide show of all these horrible pictures of me from work functions including my picture from the frist day of work 2.5 years ago.  The slideshow also included some "meganisms" or crazy shit I say without thinking.  I loved every second of it!!

This morning I woke up freakishly early again, because that just seems to be the theme of my life.  Matt and I ate breakfast and were at Judge Morris Estate to run by 9am (allowing for my 2 hours of digestion of course).  We ran 4 miles at a pretty slow pace b/c it was on trails.  After we got back and ate lunch, we were off for what turned out to be a spontaneous afternoon. My plan was to take Matt to do a few activities as a sort of bday celebration.  I was going to take him go karting and then to an outdoor festival.  Well I missed the exit for go karting on 95 b/c my gps sucks and this ended up taking us over the bridge into New Jersey.  I made a joke that we should just go to this vineyard that we had went to a few months back, and Matt said "why don't we." So...we went!!!
It was such a nice day we just couldn't resist going and sharing a bottle of wine and just relaxing. Life has been crazy lately since our wedding is in 2 weeks!!!

After we were done with our wine and sat around for a bit, we drove down the road to this huge farmers market called cowtown and walked around for a bit.  Then we were off to the mall to pick up some things for our honeymoon and to grab dinner (saladworks is my lovaaa).  When I got home from dinner I finished our escort cards aka my last big thing I need to do before the big day.
We used wine corks to set each card in....which means we drank a lot of wine in the last year to get all these corks.  J/K we had lots of help from our family and friends.

Now we are off to our friend's house for a fire pit.  Phew, it never stops lol, but I'm loving every second of it!! I can't believe in two weeks from today I will be married! CRAZY!!

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