Sunday, May 6, 2012

There Goes My Weekend

Man my weekend went by fast, and I even had Friday off.  Friday monring I was up at my usual time for work, 5:45, so I could get on the road early.  I was driving to Harrisonburg, VA, about a 4 hour drive to see my bff Stef and pick up some wine barrels for our wedding.  The only thing that got me through the drive was this:
The third Hunger Games book on CD thanks to my friend Caitlin.  With the trip down and back I got through 6 of 9 CD's and will pick up where I left off in the book...if I can find time to read again. Maybe after the wedding haha.
4 hours later I arrived at the vineyard where Stef works to pick up 2 wine barrels.  Stef's boss is awesome and is letting me borrow them for free!! I looked at one other place and the woman was going to let me rent them for $250 no thank you haha. 
They are currently hanging in our garage until the big day.  After the pick up I followed Stef to her apartment by JMU.  We hung out, grabbed an early dinner and then went to work.  Stef had to work at the tasting room below her apartment for a couple hours and I hung out and drank myself silly while she was running around like crazy.

Saturday morning Stef and I went to a local farmers market and hung out until I left at 11am for the long ride home.  Things didn't settle down once I got home either.  I went to the grocery store, got home and changed, hung with Champ and then was headed to Philly with my parents for my mom's bday dinner. Phew was I tired.  I passed out last night and slept for 9 hours!! When I woke up I scarfed my breakfast and had running on the mind.
1/3 cup pumpkin, 1/3 cup greek yogurt with shredded wheat and craisins over the top. 

I went to a local park that has a 2.4 mile loop and ran 6 miles.  I was going pretty well until I reached 4.5 miles, then I felt like I was running in cement.  But I finished!!
I finished my 6 miles in 54.22, average pace 9.04.

I think if I want to go any farther than 6 miles I need to slow my roll a bit and try to stick around 9.15 so I don't burn out.  Lunch was easy today.  I had a leftover wrap that I got from the farmer's market in Virginia.  It was filled with hummus, veggies, spinach and sunflower seeds.
Extra hummus for dipping. 

The rest of my day was spent running errands.  I went to BJ's and picked up all the candy for our candy buffet.
Just a little on the rediculous side. I researched how much to get and all the websites said around 1/4lb per person which turned out to be 5lbs per kind of candy.  Wowza.  I also went to old navy and picked up a bathing suit for the honeymoon:)

And then Matt walked in the door!! He made it back safe and sound from his bachelor party in atlantic city.  He's just a bit tired having gone to bed at 4am haha.  I spent the rest of my day hanging with the man since we hadn't seen eachother all weekend!  And tomorrow is monday :(  I hope this week goes by fast. Matt's 27th bday is on Wednesday and I have some activities planned for us on Saturday!! Can't wait!

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