Monday, May 7, 2012

May Health Goals

With May being such a busy month, I wanted to make some health goals to keep in mind as I make my way through.  When things get busy, it's easy to lose site of your good habits and decide to stress eat or become stagnant.
Number 1. Take that multivitamin!
I have a really hard time remembering to do this sometimes.  I have been doing well the past week and a half though taking it every day after lunch!

#2 Drink More Water:
Now that it's getting warmer out I really need to stay hydrated especially on days with long runs.

#3:  Drink cider vinegar??
On the topic of my tempermental stomach...I've been contacted by a few people to try using apple cider vinegar to help it.  All you do is add 1tbsp raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar to an 8oz cup of water and drink.  Do this up to three times a day to help balance the acidity in your stomach.  I've only been doing this for the past 3 days, but I actually have been feeling better.  I'm going to keep doing this for the next week to see if it really does help.  Today I drank one glass after lunch which is usually the time when my stomach gives me the most trouble and I had no issues!  Doesn't taste the greatest, but if it works, I'll do it.

#4: Run 2 days, Strength Train 2 Days
I know this month is going to be crazy with the wedding inching closer and closer.  I won't have as  much time to fit in my workouts but my goal is to run 2 days a week and stregth train 2 days a week even if it's just for 20 minutes.  I think I'll be able to fit this in.

#5: Find time to relax!!!
I am such a high strung person that I stress way more than necessary.  I've been working on finding an hour each day to myslef, not worrying about wedding/work/home stuff and just enjoying myself, whether it be reading blogs, reading books, watching tv, hanging with the bf or taking champ for a walk. 

There are my goals!!  Now on to my Monday.  Nothing too exciting.  Since I fit in a long run yesterday, I wanted to get some stregth training in today.  I loved the workout I did last week, so I decided to do it again today.  I altered it a bit by adding some more ab work on to the end, but still did the same cycle of dumbbell exercises followed by cardio bursts.  For the cardio I completed:
25 Football Feet
12 Burpees
15 squat jumps
25 jumping jacks
16 180 degree jumps

love these 180 degree jumps

Completing these cardio moves after each round of stregth moves was killer. I was sweating my ars off by the end.  I finished up with some stretching and headed home for taco night!
Ground chicken tacos with black beans, cheese and spinach.  String beans on the side. 
Time to go snuggle with my little man haha.

Matt's bday is on Wednesday, and since we have volleyball that night I'm going to attempt to make a special bday dinner for him tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it turns out well!!

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