Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Butt Kicking Workout

Today I did a little searching online for a good strength workout.  I was on women's health magazine's website looking through their printable workouts when I came across the Power Pairs Dumbbell Workout.  This was a great workout.  It went by really fast and I added some cardio bursts for after I was done each cycle. I went through this workout 3 times as follows:

Reverse Lunch With Twist and Bicep Curl

Deadlift To High Pull
Stability Ball Tricep Extension
Plank Hold and Single Arm Row
Squat With Leg Abduction and Lateral Raise
Hamstring Curl With Chest Press (Killer)
V-Sit Incline Press
Side Plank and Rear Fly

After I cycled through these exercises with no rest I moved on to a set of cardio bursts which included:
25 Football Feet
10 Burpees (I hate these so much)
15 squat jumps
25 jumping jacks

After going through this workout 3 times I was so dead.  All together it took me a bit over 30 minutes.  I finished off with 15 minutes of random ab work and stretching and then headed home, no cardio needed. I was huffing and puffing enough during this workout for sure.

When I got home Matt had the oven preheated and the grill started to get dinner ready. I put together some of our favorite black bean burgers last night so they just had to be grilled tonight.
My burger is covered in cheese, but I sweat it's in there. I had veggies and some potatoes on the side!  I love these bean burgers so much that I just packed one up for lunch in a salad tomorrow. 

2 more days of work until I'm off to Virginia and Matt is off to his bachelor party!! Watch out!!

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